Social Media Police

Ok folks, I am so sorry for another post about social media but after reading a handful of them last week I have to weigh in. 

This week while the girls were sick and we were stuck in the house I was on social media a little more than normal. There was this overwhelming amount of posts from different mommas talking about their opinions on what people post, if its "real life" or not, how it makes other mothers feel, etc etc.  

So, here is the thing-Social media is different for everyone. I feel like there are people who have beautiful instagrams that are seamless, and truly a work of art. Some of them post about deep things and some of them keep it light. There are people who have all kinds of photos with no intention on anything matching. Some of these people keep it light, some always post very deep and convicting and some overshare.  And guess what, WHO CARES?!

Since when did we all become the Social Media police?? I personally take care of babies all day long (and I LOVE it) but with that comes messes, laundry, fights, PUKE haha, and many other things I CHOOSE not share publicly on social media. 

Instagram for me is a place that I can create something beautiful. I am an artist and a visual person and I have so much fun creating my little squares. This does NOT mean I am not being real, not loving my kids, or that I want people to think my life is something that its not. If you read my post, my heart is the total opposite and I always try and encourage people with honestly and transparency. 


Did we ever stop to think about the mom who is at home full time and maybe staging photos and doing little mini photo shoots is fun for her and something that allows her creativity to flow! Maybe this is something that helps her with her postpardem depression or her weary heart that feels dis-connected or lonely.  Or like me it's a place of my own that I get to have fun with and support other mommas in the hardest most rewarding stage of life. 

The other really cool thing is that social media is the way of the future. So for those mommas that are out there making a business with their Instagram, good for you! For those mommas that want a safe place to share the joys of their life and CHOOSE to not share all the hard parts, good for you, and this by no means makes them not "real". And if we are being "real" I know that every one of you has that friend or that relative that you wish would stop being so "real" because there are just some things the world doesn't need to see or hear about, can I get an AMEN. 


One of my favorite people I follow is @pursuingpie This momma's page is just beautiful to look at. And here is the thing, if you actually read her posts she is one of the most real, authentic, lovely mommas on social media. And she is an artist! She is brilliant at what she does and one of the ways she shines in her artistry is through her beautiful Instagram page.  If an IG feed like this bothers us, we may need to seek out what it truly is that is bothering us, and I bet part of it is jealousy or insecurities in our own life we are reflecting onto someone else. I say that with love because I know that feeling and its a hard one to admit. 


We are also in a major shift in marketing and advertising where we are more inclined to check out someones Instagram before we check out their website. I know that is true for me because I don't always have time to wait for someones website to load on my phone when I can hop over to their inst handle and check out what they are all about. And guess what THATS OK TOO;). 

Now, are there behaviors we need to be careful about? Absolutely! But guess what! we are only in control of our own actions and its not our place to put our own convictions and pet peeves on other people. We are so quick to say "we just want to love people" and in the very next post "tear down a mom for how she is posting". WHAT?! That is just not okay!  Life is hard enough for people, and this kind of behavior is not helping. It's discouraging and un-kind. 

Whether we are building a brand or a business on social media, a mom who just wants one place that can be hers, mess free and light hearted, or someone who feels called to lay it all out with mix matched pictures of their daily life, or someone who does all of the above, ITS OK and not something we should worry about it. Mathew 6:34 says Therefore DO NOT WORRY about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Well isn't that the truth!! We don't got time (yes, thats my own grammar;) to worry about what other people are posting and if their intentions are pure, and if thats "really" what their house always looks like. 

and guess what...the best part about all of this is WE GET TO CHOOSE WHO WE FOLLOW!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

We are all learning to navigate this powerful new tool together and sometimes its going to be weird, or too much, or not enough. But its most likely here to stay and I believe God is doing remarkable things through it if we can only have eyes to see. 

I pray that today we can make the choice to be a little more kind, have a little more grace, and try and support other people in what they feel they are being called to do. Or don't;) but in that case we can still be loving and just hit "unfollow".

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