Cherry Blossom Crown with clay flowers

Cherry Blossom Crown with clay flowers


Hand-carved clay flowers delicately wire-wrapped with soft organza flowers, pearls, and rhinestones.

Style PR31:25

- Hand-carved clay flowers

- Delicate organza flowers with pearl and rhinestone details

- Available in gold/blush and gold/ivory

- Ready to ship in 2-4 weeks

- Fashion Photography - Christine Sheilds

- A 10% discount is available on all bridal accessories to any bride booked with Austie Eckley for wedding day services. Please inquire if you are a booked bride interested in one of these accessories to complete your look.

- 5% of all sales are donated to an organization dedicated to supporting families with children in the NICU.

- Dress- Margaret Kathleen for Austie Eckley 

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