When Austie Eckley first started working as a makeup artist with MAC over ten years ago, she realized makeup artistry provided her the opportunity for something far greater than creative expression.

It allowed her to connect with other women and help them realize their own beauty in a special way.  However, little did she know this passion was just the beginning of an even bigger dream that would lead her to create the uniquely feminine, Austie Eckley brand. 

A variety of high profile commercial work, and experience as a resident trainer for MAC, provided her the opportunity to travel, teach, and learn about the true art of beauty.  And yet, as her experience increased, she developed an even greater love for the art of styling that went beyond makeup.  With her finely attuned feminine taste, professional skill, and creative endeavor, Austie has expanded her artistry to create custom and complete looks for her brides that now include makeup, hair design, and headpieces/accessories.  This unique approach allows Austie to highlight and emphasize the beauty of each client in a way that is uniquely reflective of both the client and Austie’s spectacular vision.       

Besides hair, makeup and hairpiece design services, Austie is also available to provide styling for boudoir, engagement, editorial and commercial work. Austie lives in Portland, OR with her husband, Justin, and three daughters, Eleanor, Lillian and Penelope.



Twenty Eight & Six

Support for families with children in the NICU

Twenty Eight and Six is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at providing support to families with children in the NICU. For more on Austie's family’s incredible story, please read it here.  5% of all sales are donated to an organization dedicated to supporting families with children in the NICU.