Beautiful before and beautiful after...

As a makeup artist/hair stylist I truly love spending intimate time with women and getting to find out about what makes them who they are.  I believe all women desire to feel beautiful, accepted and understood. 

As makeup artists, we love how fun makeup can be but I often feel what it does or our presentation of "before and after" photos are misunderstood. I want to clear that up a bit if I may... Like I said before, getting your hair and makeup done is just plain fun! (And let's be real, having someone else do it feels really good.) For us in the industry, it is about spending time with women and sharing with them what we are passionate about. I think women are at their most beautiful when they are at home completely natural either snuggling their babies, pursuing their dreams, or just checking out at the grocery store. So to all of the non makeup wearing  skeptics out there that think we are all about the "after" shot, I want to ensure you we LOVE the "before" shot even more! To be honest, if you hung out with me for a month you would quickly see that my makeup face only comes out about 1-2 times a month, because I am a momma first and that is the hardest yet most rewarding job I have been given. 

My prayer is that all women will know where their beauty comes from.  You are loved, you are prayed for, you are sought after, you are thought of, you are brave, you are strong, you are found, you are beautiful, and you ARE his beloved. 

Photography by Christine Shields

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