Introducing Reverence

Hello! My name is Austie, I am married to the love of my life and am the mom of 4 incredible little ladies. I am blessed beyond all my hopes and dreams to be able to be a mom as well as do what I love—which is create beauty. 


For almost 15 years I have had the privilege of doing hair and makeup. About 8 years ago I began creating bridal headpieces in hopes that my brides would allow me to create their entire look with hair, makeup and handmade headpieces. Since then I have added more pieces to the collection and am currently working on a jewelry line. 

Once I became a mom, the love of creating  became more of a desire to turn it into part of my business.  When I decided to add designing to my existing Hair and Makeup business I have found it hard to brand myself. 

This lead me to Liz Neilson of The Beauty Shop

Liz has exceeded my expectations and helped me fall in love with the entire process as well as teaching me how to share the gifts God has blessed me with. Liz and I have worked hours redesigning my website to showcase the journey I am passionately on professionally as well as personally through Austie Eckley and Raising May Babes. 

I am so excited to launch this new website as well as introduce you to the new collection, Reverence! 


The literal meaning of Reverence is to regard or treat with deep respect. When creating this collection I knew we were going to photograph it close to my home town along the Southern Oregon Coast. Having the love of my home in my heart during production brought me to the word Reverence. I wanted to pay homage to the place that held me as a child and has so much of my memories and my heart. 


This collection came alive when Sweetlife Photography captured it with such precision, love and expertise. Elizabeth Dye’s dresses were effortless on my stunning models and new friends, Bradleigh, Courtney, and Rachel. One of my favorite people I know Katie, from Ponderosa and Thyme designed her first ever completely dried bouquet and it was pure magic. My family, Kelsey, and my daughters opened their doors, were patient, and were the reason this shoot was a possibility. 


I hope you subscribe and stay a while!!